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Answers to common questions about MacLux Pro(tm)

MacLux Pro and OSX 10.7 Lion

OS X 10.7 Lion does not include Rosetta. MacLux Pro will not run on OS X 10.7. LXSeries software, some of which is based on MacLux Pro, is written for OS X and other operating systems. LXBeams, which is similar to MacLux Pro is available in a 64bit Intel version. To learn more about LXSeries, click here.

Troubleshooting for v2.1/2.2 | Troubleshooting for v 2.0 and Earlier

Troubleshooting v2.1/2.2

MacLux Pro(tm) v2.1 is able to run directly under OS-X (up to 10.6) without requiring "classic." MacLux Pro(tm) v2.1 is also able to run on Intel hardware using Apple's Rosetta technology (not part of OS X 10.7).

MacLux Pro(tm) is based on a classic Macintosh application framework. While MacLux Pro(tm) v2.1 has been modified to run under the OS-X Carbon environment, there are some minor differences under OS-X. One aspect of Carbon that is different from classic is the Window Manager. Very occasionally, MacLux Pro(tm) will not activate a window correctly under OS-X. The solution is to click to the desktop and then back to MacLux Pro(tm)

MacLux Pro v2.1.6 and earlier have a problem where if there are windows minimized when you attempt to quit, MacLux Pro(tm) will crash.

PICT Files MacLux Pro only recognizes PICT files with the HFS File Type of PICT. Not all applications that create PICT files under OS-X set the HFS file type correctly. For example, the Preview application, which can be used to convert files from PDF into PICT, correctly sets the file type on 10.3.9 and 10.5 but NOT on 10.4. If your file appears grayed out when you click Import... in a PICT Layer dialog window, you may have this problem.

If you are sure that you have a PICT file but it appears grayed out when you click Impo class=smrt... (it doesn't have the correct HFS file type), you can use this utility (10.4 and later) to set the HFS type of the file.

Troubleshooting v2.0 and Earlier

My libraries are empty or missing.

My libraries are scrambled.

When I try to look at a light's beam, all the lights come on.

I turned on a light and I can't see its beam.

Why won't my new iMac / iBook recognize my old MacLux Pro(tm) floppy disks?

My new iMac / iBook doesn't have a floppy drive.

I got a new Macintosh and now my MacLux Pro(tm) doesn't work .