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Privacy Policy

Personal information, specifically your e-mail address, is used for audit and security reasons to control access to software you download.

Personal information may be visible to other users in the forum if you have entered it and enabled other users to view it. Log in and click on the profile link to change these settings.

Personal information not explicitly allowed to be shared by you, will not be made available to a third party except a government agency and then only when required by law.

E-mail addresses will not be used to contact you for promotional purposes unless you explicitly have authorized this.

Your e-mail address may be used to contact you about software you have downloaded if there is a significant security issue or other flaw that may cause you to lose data by using the software.

You may request that your user profile be deleted from the forum at any time by sending an e-mail from the registered e-mail address with the user name you wish to be deleted.

You may request that your e-mail address be deleted from software access control lists by sending an e-mail from that address. If your address is deleted, you may lose your ability to access the software and/or its features.

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