Patch goes crazy on new version of LX

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Patch goes crazy on new version of LX

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The new LX looks great. I know my stuff is complex and has been added to over and over. When I try to open a old version of the show in the latest build, much of patch has vanished. Is there a way I can preserve it.

I am starting to think I should just scrap the file and build a new one with the latest build.
Mark Nizer
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Opening an older file with LXConsole's new patch design will work. You should find that any old channels with multiple subchannels/attributes will have them included in a single channel part generically called "device". However, if you need to change the patch of a channel that has more than one attribute, it is better to start over and set the channel part type using the new scheme.

Older LXConsole did not distinguish fixture types. A channel was a collection of attributes and could actually mix fixture types in the same list of subchannels. LXConsole now enforces a single fixture type per channel part. A channel can have more than one part. So, you can still control, for example, a dimmer and a color scroller using a single channel. The difference is that the two devices will have their own parts of the channel.

In addition to enhanced clarity of different fixture profiles, the use of channel parts allows a patch from LXConsole to be imported back into LXBeams to update a plot.
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