Projects on GitHub

LXSeries open source projects are hosted on github.
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Projects on GitHub

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LXSeries open source software/hardware projects are hosted on GitHub:

There are a number of DMX input/output interfaces using microcontrollers programmed using the Arduino IDE.
  • LXDMXWiFi_Library Art-Net/sACN for ESP8266 and WiFi101

    LXDMXEthernet_library Art-Net/sACN for ethernet shield with example that has dmx driver for Atmel ATmega chips

    LXESP8266DMX dmx driver for ESP8266 eg. Adafruit Huzzah

    LXSAMD21DMX dmx driver for Atmel SAMD21 eg. Arduino MKR1000 or Zero

    LXTeensy3DMX_Library dmx driver for Teensy 3.1/3.2
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