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Beginner Help

Post by justinpbrown »

I have been recommended LXFree to create a lighting plot for a solo theatre performance of which I am the lighting operator.

We use four lights:

1: Manually operated following spot at floor level, front corner of the stage area.

2 & 3: spots on a truss.

4: Lateral spot raised off the floor by approximately 500cm at one side of the stage area.

I also need to add a smoke machine.

If it's possible I would like to add rudimentary scenic representations of a rug, chair and suitcase.

The youtube videos I have seen are geared towards large theatres with rigs. We are a small independent theatre and I have an instruction to plot for a space 8m x 5m.

I seek advice and instruction.

Many thanks.
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Post by lloydriford »

Here are a couple of links to information you may find helpful:

It would help if you could let us know what computer platform you are on.

The rig you describe should be straight forward to create in LXFree. A rectangle representing the stage area, rectangles representing the scenic elements, position lines with heights where each fixture will be and symbols placed on those position lines with channel, circuit, color noted in the Info tab with the box checked to make them show next to the fixture. If you explore the menus you'll find ways to insert a centerline, grids, keys and title blocks. Notes can be added to help with details. You can set many defaults in the preference tab.

Good luck!

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